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ĦĦĦĦThe sixth generation of the sub assembly type hydraulic automatic control over the gate, it is divided into a pier, a leg, a panel of several parts, each of these parts are individually with the reinforcement, separate the mold, separate pouring, with screw connection assembly. Its disadvantages are:
1, the overall degree, the standard deviation, construction difficulty. Concrete members are easy to damage when the construction is moving, especially the small size of the flap gate panel thin, some in the transport, lifting or installation of the screw on the fracture (Figure 1).
Between the 2 and the seam smoothness panel, side seal is very difficult to install, easy to Water Leakage (Figure 2-1 figure 2-2).
Error 3, split assembly, plus buried pier error, misalignment between the gate and the gate, space size, size standard is difficult to control, large displacement (Fig. 3-1 Fig. 3-2, 3-3) (Figure 4-1 Figure 4-2 Figure 4-3 Figure 4-4).
4, sealing rubber scratch caused Water Leakage (Figure 5-1 Figure 5-2), this is an unavoidable defect.
The 5 gate, frequent operation, screw connection of concrete will crack or screw loosening, resulting in joint panel Water Leakage (Figure 6-1 figure 6-2), even at the time of installation, the legs of the concrete is broken when tightening the screws (Figure 7-1 figure 7-2).
6, screw replacement is difficult, on the legs of the concrete rupture, the screw can not be replaced (Figure 8-1 figure 8-2).
7, maintenance frequency is high, the gate maintenance cost is big, influence production, the gate's service life is short. If used in the high dam, the difficulty and cost of immeasurable.
The seventh generation of the dragon brand new integral hydraulic automatic tilting gate, is a national patent product (Patent No.: 200820065224, 2008) is now on the market. Is a kind of regardless of the size of the gate size, from the mold, reinforcement, pouring are in the dam foundation on the order of a one-time completion of the product. Its characteristic is:
1, the overall degree of good, high accuracy, no installation, transportation, mobile.
2, the panel without screws, no seam (Figure 9-1 figure 9-2),
3, flatness, good strength, maintenance free. Not because of screw loosening, breakage, uneven seam caused by Water Leakage panel,
4, low maintenance frequency, long service life. If the high dam on the more obvious effect.
5, the overall appearance, highly ornamental, suitable for landscape engineering.
The sixth generation of old hydraulic automatic tilting gate side rubber water stop, is a simple process and the complicated installation of water stop, it is folded into a square flat rubber assembly type U middle 5 * 8 and become, it is the shortcomings of:
1, the installation is difficult, easy water leakage, wood easy to decay, wood decay after the flat rubber will lose support, a water pressure will leak.
2, gate work when the rubber seal cut (12-1 in Figure 12-2 figure 12-3 figure 12-4 figure 12-5).
3, life is short, the replacement of sealing rubber sealing board of high frequency, big spending, but also affect the production effect of gate of life, used in large size flap gate, the water pressure are more likely to Water Leakage.
The seventh generation of new type hydraulic automatic tilting gate rubber waterstop, national patent (Patent No.: 200830077706.3) has passed the simulation model, test sample, is now on the market. Its characteristic is:
1, is a factory on the forming, easy to install, no wood, long life of high quality products (Figure 13-1 figure 13-2).
2, not due to high water pressure and leakage, in contrast, the higher the pressure, the better the sealing effect.
The eighth generation of the dragon brand tablet without slot type level adjustable hydraulic automatic tilting gate, is a national patent product (Patent No.: 200820065226.X 201020127255.1, ZL) have been simulated by using the model, and test sample, is now on the market. A thorough solution to the old style flap gate valve defects exist, and the water level can be adjusted according to the user's requirements, (Figure 14) from 0 to 50cm. It is characterized by:
1, the gate is opened under the weight by the panel and the supporting point of change and adjust the angle of gate opening up 85 to 90 degrees.
2, the overall level of the gate panel, good strength, the overall shape of the panel is beautiful and generous.
3, effective solution to the original gate on the lower weight can only rely on the groove to reduce the weight of the upper part of the defect.
4, for the original flapgate maximum opening angle is 80 degrees, the flood carrying capacity is weak, have groove parts, thin degree, overall strength is poor, prone to rupture etc..
Galvanized steel structure hydraulic automatic tilting gate (including a counterweight block of concrete, has been through simulation, test): model, sample, is now on the market. Is a kind of welded steel plate and concrete counterweight iron or weight two of the hydraulic automatic tilting gate. Its characteristic is:
1, the effective solution, the concrete slab gate time long after the surface corrosion, dew stone, anti impact ability is poor and so on.
2, with the compressive, anti impact, the strength of their own good, maintenance costs, etc..
3, the surface after hot galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, long service life, more suitable for water pollution and water pollution of the river project.
The dragon brand hydraulic synchronous hydraulic automatic tilting gate, gate is added on the hydraulic device in the hydraulic automatic control of existing products (Figure 15), it is characterized by:
1, mainly for the floating debris of the river, can effectively solve the problem of the leakage of the floating debris caused by the floating debris and the artificial cleaning up the impact of production and other issues.
2, the gate in the normal operation can not only in the hydraulic function of the open and close, but also can use the hydraulic system at any level at will open. This product can greatly improve the safety of the project, so it is convenient for maintenance and management.

Rubber dam defect:
1, the water in the dam before and after the peak to vent, rapid water filling,
2, the need to build the engine room, the installation of pumping unit cost is high, to the management,
3, the construction is easy, rubber is black, and the environment is not coordinated, no ornamental,
4, maintenance is very difficult, the service life of 15-20 years (Figure 16).
Disadvantages of steel gate:
1, the peak before opening the gate to close the gate after the flood, flood water.
2, the need to build the management of housing, the gate is installed on the top of the opening and closing machine, to the management, construction volume, construction difficulty, high cost.
3, have influence on flood discharge, convenient maintenance, (Figure 17) the service life of 40-70 years.
The dragon card down type gate, is the basis of two single hydraulic cylinder, a supporting rod, two parallelogram shaped two seat hinge and gate connected to water retaining and water through the gate angle changes. The product has a long service life and low maintenance frequency. It is used in the two supporting points of the single hydraulic cylinder, the purpose is to ensure the safety of the operation of the gate. Completely different from the old two fixed supporting rods, two multi section hydraulic cylinder four support hydraulic lifting dam, effectively solves the design defects of old hydraulic lifting dam hydraulic cylinder oil leakage at run time, the gate is locked open. A new type horizontal gate (hydraulic lifting dam) have been simulated by using the model, and test sample, has been used in production, good customer feedback. Its characteristic is:
1, completely solve the high cost of the steel dam, other water retaining structures and sediment deposition difficult to remove and other issues. Because the principle of the gate and expensive steel dam and dam foundation on the same parallel, by floating debris and sediment smoothly, and the price is low than the steel dam 30-60% water retaining effect is good, the higher cost of construction.
2, the construction is convenient, the landscape effect is good, no sediment deposition, no need manual management, maintenance is convenient (not afraid of floating). This gate completely solves the above existing water retaining construction problems and defects, safe and reliable operation, the new type flat flapgate (hydraulic lifting dam) in terms of safety, maintenance costs, service life, cost, effect, water landscape, construction difficulty is far better than the other superior water retaining structure.
The characteristics of the dragon brand new hydraulic automatic tilting gate series products:
1, the gate according to the change of the water level automatically open and close, fully automatic, without any power and manual, construction is easy.
2, the gate is mixed with soil, color and environment coordination, but also a landscape.
3, usually water, flood over flood releasing and scouring sediment, after years of flood test and observation, the gate is safe, stable performance.
4, maintenance and maintenance costs are low, the service life of 40-70 years.  
The dragon brand automatic chain lifting type floating head supporting device (referred to as: stop fishing, electric machine, sewage grille bar grilled dirt machine)
Explain: with the development of social economy, the country pay attention to the construction of water conservancy and hydropower station, city landscaping, water engineering, tap water plant, water diversion project, reducing the increase of sewage and other projects, head floating debris clean-up is a common problem for many years, most of the artificial fishing, or old bar grille, hand tool, electric picking method is not completely clear, the labor intensity is big, very unsafe, not cleared up easy to cause congestion, water overflow, serious waste of water, for hydropower station, will reduce the head caused by less power, influence yield, or blocked, absolute power, causing significant economic losses to the the country and the people.
The enterprise in the community of friends and all the staff of the joint efforts, the successful completion of the automatic ring chain lift head of the water retaining device design, has been through simulation, the model, the real test, has been put on the market. And applied for the national patent, application number: 200820199204.2, completely solve the problem of large labor intensity, not safe, clean and not complete. Mainly for hydropower station and design, according to the number of floating objects automatically start, shutdown, to achieve the operation of automation, completely without manual operation. This product is made of high quality steel, machined and welded by galvanized anti-corrosion, durable, low cost, labor saving, labor saving, corrosion free, wide application range, is currently the most ideal head floats, stop supporting and cleaning dual-purpose device.
Use: This product is a floating head rail device support, salvage as a whole, can put small fishing floats up, the mesh size according to demand. It is an ideal equipment for hydropower station, city beautification, water plant, water diversion project, sewage treatment (including water conservancy facilities) and other projects. It is an important device to keep the head of the hydropower station, protect the turbine and ensure the normal power generation.
Working principle: the flow through the chain, floating debris in the ring chain, the use of the motor to drive the chain, to enhance the floating debris ashore, through the chain of the floating debris floating on the set of good groove.
User Guide: equipment should always check is good, often clean up the floating debris, so as not to affect the normal operation of equipment or damage equipment, large floating debris, such as to overhaul, please cut off the power supply, so as to avoid accidents.
Figure MX-2700N_20090703_084451_001

ĦĦĦĦThe above example shows that the dragon brand products, whether from the aspects of safety, quality, service life, function, construction, economic benefit and so on, are far more superior products, the dragon brand products is your best choice.
ĦĦĦĦUser Guide: the user of this product should contact the factory to obtain relevant materials, in order to meet the need to install the gate, and the gate height, dam type, the width of the river, river floating debris, site, dam site, explain the flow curve and so on, in order to arrange the production. The dam and downstream slope protection design by the customer's own construction, but also by the factory to undertake the design and construction. Better to build on a less floating channel. The floating debris is used in the river, which can be used to stop the gate before the gate. As the flood discharge gate is floating to be stuck, after the flood of manual cleaning.
ĦĦĦĦGate at ordinary times below or equal to the height of the door. The rubber seal wear or aging does not change with the time, the bottom of sluice gate, Water Leakage side seal etc. the total flow volume is about 0.003m3/s, the replacement of rubber sealing after Water Leakage phenomenon disappeared. In the dry season for the corrosion prevention of iron castings.

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